Crops: cocoa, maize, pepper, cassava and plantain


Samuel is a minister, community leader and conservation agriculture (CA) farmer. Like many farmers in his region, he began farming on a small parcel of land, practicing traditional
slash and burn cultivation techniques. After seeing the success of the HGBF | CNTA farmers in his community, Samuel began incorporating these practices into his own farming. 

“When I used to burn and clear my fields, the soil was swept away by rain and wind. Crops generally do not grow well on bare soil. Using no-tillage, crops grow very well.”

Through the adoption of CA practices, Samuel increased his yields to surplus levels beyond the needs of his family and was able to sell more crops in the market. This allowed him to reinvest his profits to buy more farmland. 

“Since adopting these practices, the yield from my two acres of land has increased by 60%.”

HGBF | CNTA farmers who transition from traditional farming practices to CA typically see a 35% increase in yields over the first 2 years.*

Today, his successful no-till farming operation has grown to a level that not only supports his family but also provides additional income to send his children to school.


*Based on HGBF | CNTA Data, 2016