As part of our quality services to the agricultural industry since 2016, HGBF|CNTA is sought to providing professional technical backstopping to its customers on various projects undertaken. This exercise is aimed at monitoring projects, transfer of new evidence and innovations based on research and practice provides critical advisory support for process development, testing, implementation and documentation. We have since 2018 provided these services to the GHANA AGRICUTURE INVESTMENT PROJECT (GASIP) under the initiative of ensuring food security through climate smart agricultural practices in the Upper East, Upper West, Northern and Brong Ahafo regions. This exercise has seen the establishment of 66 demonstration plots across these four regions with the local farmers and MoFA officials together with HGBF|CNTA. This is aimed at providing first hand and practical hands on training to the local farming community so as to impact new technologies of sustainable agricultural practices to ensuring food security for the longer term.