The Market-Oriented Agriculture Programme (MOAP) seeks to improve the sustainability of agricultural land use and the productivity of agriculture in the Upper West and Northern Regions. One means of achieving this will be through the establishment of an organization being called “Training and Extension for Conservation Agriculture in the Savannahs” (TECAS). The mission of TECAS will be to promote intensified agriculture in conservation agriculture (CA) system. TECAS will work with groups organized under a nucleus farmer enterprise, a farmer-based organisation (FBO), or a cooperative.

Role Of The Howard G. Buffett Foundation|Centre for No-till Agriculture

  1. Backstopping and extension support to TECAS Field Advisors prior to major field operations at demo plots (regular field visits, phone support, and emergency pest/disease control support)

  2. Organization of trainings for TECAS field advisors and assisting in training

  3. Support the various TECAS communities in CA sensitization and mobilization towards creating environments that enable the adoption of CA

  4. Support to field advisors in data collection at demo and client plots

  5. Assisting in TECAS administrative tasks like equipment purchase and business interactions with TECAS field advisors and nucleus farmers

  6. Establishing some cropping systems and variety trials at the CNTA demo farm that are additional to what was already planned by CNTA and collecting data.