Dr. Kofi Boa, PhD Agronomist
HGBF | CNTA Founder and Executive Director

Dr. Kofi Boa’s journey to establish the HGBF | CNTA began at age 12, when his family’s cocoa farm was destroyed by a fire. The tragedy happened as a result of the traditional slash and burn farming methods that are practiced throughout many regions of sub-Saharan Africa.  Based on this difficult life experience, he vowed to dedicate his life to finding new and better ways for farmers to achieve higher productivity and build a better quality of life.

After studying agriculture in the secondary school, Dr. Boa continued his agricultural science education at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, Ghana, and at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. He began his professional career as a cocoa agronomist and later worked for the Crops Research Institute (CRI) of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in Ghana as an on-farm research scientist. He worked on the Ghana Grains Development Project, where he did additional no-till research and extension. In 2003, Kofi become an independent agronomist focused solely on conservation agriculture (CA).

In 2012, the HGBF | CNTA was established with the goal of illustrating the evidence and benefits of no-till farming and CA practices. The HGBF | CNTA is a teaching institution that provides hands-on training for farmers to learn these transformational practices at the field level. Dr. Boa is committed to demonstrating the impact of CA adoption for farmers, their communities and the environment. Each year the HGBF | CNTA educates hundreds of individual Ghanaian farmers, missioned aligned NGO organizations and government representatives from across Africa and around the world.

Dr. Kofi Boa is a PhD Agronomist, Research Scientist, Founder and Executive Director of the HGBF | CNTA, and most importantly a farmer.

“We improve the environment; the system becomes profitable, crops grow, and that is why we say that we create healthy soil, to produce healthy plants, for healthy people.” 


At The Howard G. Buffett Foundation Centre for No-Till Agriculture (HGBF | CNTA), WE ARE GROWING lives through the positive impact of conservation agricultural (CA) practices. 

Over the past 10 years, the Howard G. Buffett Foundation (HGBF) has partnered with Dr. Kofi Boa in a mission to expand the adoption of conservation agriculture practices within the farmer population of Amanchia, Ghana. HGBF equipped the Centre with vehicles to transport farmers and Agriculture Ministry staff to the Centre for trainings, an irrigation system, farmer dormitories and a permanent education center. Through ongoing support from HGBF, the HGBF | CNTA has successfully expanded its farmer base and demonstrated measurable impacts of CA adoption.

We have expanded to four locations in several regions around Ghana. View map at the bottom of the About Us page here.

The positive impacts of CA include: water conservation, increased yields, weed & pest management, sustaining arable land, reduction of labor, innovation & entrepreneurship, access to education and food & nutrition security.

You may contact us:  P.O. Box 172, Nkawie-Toase, Ashanti Region; Tel: +233 20 862 4048

email: contact@centrefornotill.org


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In November 2016, Catholic Relief Services led a team of technical staff, partners and farmers from Bolivia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua to visit Dr. Kofi Boa and the Howard G. Buffett Centre for No-Till Agriculture (CNTA) in Amanchia, Ghana. 





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